Fabián Pellegrinet Conte

Fabián Pellegrinet Conte is an interior architect and furniture designer.  His career spans two continents and over 20 years during which time he has designed andFabián Pellegrinet Conte is an interior and furniture designer, with a career spanning more than 30 years in different countries of Europe and America, where he designed and supervised residential, hotel and office projects. He has worked for brands such as Whirlpool and Ideal Standard. In 2009 he founded the Hamilton Conte Paris brand specializing in exclusive and custom-made furniture and accessories. As of 2015 he developed several collections for the Italian company Smania.
Currently, in addition to designing furniture, products and interiors, he works as a consultant and curator in companies and associations.

In his projects Fabián Pellegrinet Conte cultivates eclecticism, in collaboration with the individual tastes of each client, to create unique and very personal projects. It is strongly influenced by European design, basing its stylistic preferences on the decades that go from 30 'to 70', going through the Scandinavian 50 'and the American 60', but always showing a contemporary vision of spaces in terms of uses, customs and comfort are concerned.